Code Listings

FarmBooks Code Listings

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FarmBooks Code Listings provide a complete listing of all inventory, account (ATIG), and external codes defined for the current fiscal year.e business, evaluate new investments, or analyze changes in equity.

External Codes Listing

External Codes are additional codes used to more completely define income, expense, loan, and accounts receivable transactions. They can be setup for Loans/Receivables, Employees, Family Living, Miscellaneous, and Vendors.

FarmBooks External Codes Report

Inventory Codes Listing

The Inventory Codes report lists all inventory codes defined for the current fiscal year. Inventory codes are setup automatically by the program based on the Account-Transaction-Item-General (ATIG) codes.

FarmBooks Inventory Codes Report

Payroll Codes Report

Payroll codes are used to track withholding and payment information used to generate the payroll reports. This report shows the withheld and payment ATIG/D assignments per calendar year along with “subject to” indicators.

FarmBooks Payroll Codes Report

Enterprise Listing Report

The Enterprise Listing Report lists all enterprises defined for the current fiscal year.

FarmBooks Enterprise Listing Report

Account (ATIG) Codes List

The Account-Transaction-Item-General (ATIG) codes are used to classify all transactions as either income, expense, inventory, loans, or accounts receivable; as well as into major categories within each classification. Options for this report are all account codes defined for the current fiscal year, or for a selected ATI code.

FarmBooks Account ATIG Codes List