Download Tax Table Update

2024 FarmBooks Tax Table Update Download

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Download and install the tax table update from an external link

The instructions below are for FarmBooks users who need to download the Tax Table Update to take to a computer which does not have internet access.

We are pleased to release the 2024 Tax Table update for FarmBooks. This update is based off the tables published by the IRS. Please take time and review your payroll checks and calculations to confirm that all calculations are correct.

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Explanation of 2024 Changes

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Please see the screen shot below for an explanation of the 2024 rate changes.

Are you running FarmBooks outside of Kansas?

We have included the tax table information for Kansas.

If you are running payroll in another state please contact us for assistance so that we can carry over your state income tax rates.

Step 1: Download the Tax Table Update file
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Download and Save the file to a thumbdrive/USB flash drive

Step 2: Install the tax table update data
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1. Insert the thumbdrive into the computer that is running FarmBooks and locate the executable file (it will be named something like 2024TRsetup.exe).

2. Double click the executable file to launch it.

3. When you see the Setup screen, click Next.

FarmBooks screenshot

4. If you see a window asking you if you want to install to the Farmbooks folder click Yes.

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5. Confirm the installation location and click Yes.

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6. Click Finish. At this point, the tax table update data has been applied to your farm database but you are not finished. You still need to run the tax table update within FarmBooks. See Step 3 below.

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Step 3: Run tax table updates from within FarmBooks
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1. Open FarmBooks and select your Farm

FarmBooks Open Farm link

FarmBooks open demo farm screen

2. Click on Year-End from the FarmBooks menu and then select Complete ALL Year-End Tasks…

FarmBooks Complete All Year-End Tasks link

3. The Complete Year-End Tasks screen will load. Review the steps that will be run and click the Finish button.

FarmBooks Complete All Year-End Tasks screen

4. The process will run and when finished the Process Log screen will appear. Click Done to exit the screen.

FarmBooks Complete All Year-End Tasks finished screen

5. FarmBooks is now updated with the current tax rates.