4.0.1 Release Notes

FarmBooks 4.0.1 Release Notes

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March 4, 2010

Data Conversion Issues Determined with the 4.0 Release and Fixed in the 4.01 Update – See below for the type of error with log entries

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  • Duplicate Bank Account in Farmtot file (Error 7059)
    farmtot: Add Index - BANK_ACCTS...
    tblDst: Error 7059: An index with the UNIQUE property was not able to be created because data in the table produced non-unique key values. Check the Advantage error log for record numbers that caused the failures.
    farmtot: BANK_ACCTS Status: Failed
  • Fiscal Year - Mixed match of fiscal year start dates - Could not get ATIG/D codes to create payroll default values for fiscal year
    Processing Calendar Year 2002...
    Error Creating Payroll Defaults for 2002
  • Bank Account Error – Data Incomplete or Missing between ATIGD and Ext_mast Tables
    atigd: 100-10 Add and Expand Columns...
    qryUpdateDB: Error 7200: AQE Error: State = HY000; NativeError = 7008; [Extended Systems][Advantage SQL][ASA] Error 7008: The specified table, memo file, or index file was unable to be opened.
    atigd: 100-10 - Status: Failed
  • If the database conversion fails, all database files are deleted from the farm folder.
  • Temporary ADS tables are deleted that could have been created years ago.
  • Force timestamp to be appended to the backup file name if doing a backup from the convert database window regardless of preference setting.
  • Farm Manager may have recieve an error "Maximum number of connections has been exceeded" if converting multiple farm databases without closing the application. Connections are now freed.

Backup Changes

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  • Show farms with empty database folders with a blue database icon.
  • Do not let empty folders be backed up. Although, if backing up a folder which contains no (adt,adi,adm, or add) files, it will not actually create a backup file in prior version. However, this will not help with multiple selected farms or all farm backups without the “appending a timestamp” option being selected.

Restore Changes

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  • During restore and there was an incorrect number of database files detected in the farm folder, the files were not being deleted. Now, all the files are erased from the farm folder before a restore regardless of the number of files after a warning message and answering yes. It is important to erase the files before a restore operation so that only files contained in the backup are the only ones in farm folder after the restore completes. If the database conversion failed, it would be important for the restore process to remove all files. Also, this would be especially true if a user restored a database set for a prior version of the application. 4.0 dealt with a prior database version being restored only if the expected file counts were found.

Invoicing Changes

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  • Forms (Estimates, Invoice, and Credit Memo) updated to show the total line if Invoice Preferences set to Not Collect Sales Taxes.
  • Fiscal Year to determine lookups list for ATIGD, Enterprise, External Codes, and receive payments and deposits was corrected to properly handle non-calendar years.
  • Item Qty was being rounded to a whole number in the application and printed document. Now a number with 5 digits of accuracy may be entered. The Item Qty * Unit Price = Amount which is rounded for money. This rounded amount field could cause the unit price to be extended to up to five digits of accuracy. In a future release of the FarmBooks that includes a database conversion, there will be a new option to allow the user to specify the number of digits of accuracy for unit price on the first invoice line.
  • All invoice forms and statements updated to show 5 digits of accuracy for item qty and unit price.
  • Invoice Line Entry: Using the tab key after entering / selecting “Item” from dropdown list would lose entered value. Also, after entering a new line on the invoice, it would focus the record just entered and not setup and focus on the new row to allow entry of another line without using the mouse to reposition in the list.
  • Changing the amount in line 1 for the form document (estimate, invoice, or credit memo) would not adjust the unit price on line 1.
  • If tracking income per line, then the amount column has gray background color to denote amount field used to determine the form total.
  • Sales tax rate is refreshed if form in editor and user make a change in invoice preferences.
  • Form editor automatically saved if pressing the print button, receive payment, batch print, and generate statements. Without the save, a user could potentially print a form with a different amount than was actually saved with the form (estimate, invoice, or credit memo) or statement.
  • When receiving a payment, the deposit with a bank code of less than 4 characters would record it into a non-existent bank account with three digits and the first character of the bank name. These deposits can be found in detail register view. The data analysis process was updated to detect this condition and tag the entry for review. The application will allow these deposits to be deleted or corrected.
  • User could possibly get message that "Discard changes to current invoice?" when no changes have been made to the form in the editor.
  • Using e-mail with authentication - authentication username and password was not being provided to the SMTP outgoing server when emailing a form. However, it was being provided to test e-mail settings in preference setup.
  • Invoice tab is hidden on farm open until all invoice associated tables are opened. User could obtain error "tblIForms: Index is not set." if quickly opening the invoice tab after farm open.
  • Invoice Form Setup: Unable to Clear Image Path for logo once set as validation required it to be set. Now the path to logo may be cleared and saved.

Check/Deposit Entry

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  • Recording a Check/Deposit without an ATIG/D Code - Edit a previously recorded transaction and blank out the ATIG/D code without leaving the field and then recording the transaction would result in the detail record being saved without an ATIG/D Code. The use of the Analyze button from the Detail Register or Analyze / Recalculate Farm Totals will detect and tag the transaction for correction. Then from the Detail Register tab, use the "Corrections" button to generate a list of tagged items to correct. Also, a final validation of all detail lines was skipped and is now done before recording a transaction.
  • "Balance and Record" - Ctrl-Z for Check / Deposit now allows a user to enter the ATIG/D without leaving the field, whereas in the past the user would receive an error that the "transaction are out-of-balance". After pressing the OK button for the error message, the ATIG value would be blank.

Analyze/Recalculate Farm Totals

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  • Added "Backup" button to allow the user to backup the database as it is required before a recalculation.
  • Verified that the database is the correct version to be analyzed or recalculated. Show DB icon as red if a conversion is required.

General Application

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  • Ensure SQL Table Objects are closed with the connection freed. This could lead to "Maximum number of connections exceeded" error message or "Maximum number of work area exceeded".
  • Increased number of "connections" from 20 to 30 and explicitly defined 750 "Workareas" in the adslocal.cfg file.
  • If the application requires a new registration when opening the farm, ask a question and then call change registration if they answer yes.
  • Change Registration - Buttons at the bottom of the screen were not visible for laptops with widescreen. Made form adjustments to correct.
  • Bank Code - Don’t allow the following characters to be used *, % , ' , `, or the blank character.