Release Notes

FarmBooks Release Notes

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Jan 27, 2020

Software Upgrade to This Version Reminder

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If you have previously upgraded to version, then you can download this version from the help menu by selecting the option “Download Software Update”.

Database Conversion

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This release requires a conversion before the database can be opened.

  • New Price field added to check detail print file.
  • Data Analysis adds new ATIGD Codes.

Demo Database

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Fiscal Year updated to 2019.

General Changes to the Application

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2020 Tax Table Rates Included with Release
There are four new Federal table tax tables for the 2020 year. The new tables support Head of Household, higher rates for Head of Household, married, or single which can be specified by using the new Federal W-4 withholding method.

If you have not downloaded the tax rates for 2020, you will not be required to download it. However, it will be necessary to apply the tax table to your database by selecting option “Have Already Installed from CD or Previous Download” from the Advanced Steps->Step # 2 OR simply run the “Complete ALL Year-End Tasks”

New Expanded Account/Inventory Search for ATIGD by Phrase
New to FarmBooks or cannot remember the exact ATIG/D code, now you can search by phrase to see a list of all codes related to that phrase. It is recommended that the phrase be a base word and not include any word prefix or suffix ending like “ing” or “ed” to ensure that you are not excluding anything. Also, always choose singular over plural for base word. For instance, search for “refund”, this will show 16 results where any column contains the phrase. Then you can look at the account group and category to select the code that fits your situation. Also, you can enter the ATI, ATIG, or ATIGD code and go directly to the code if it is known. The preference option “Show only Active ATIG/D Codes in List” will restrict this to only active codes everywhere in the application except for ATIG/D maintenance where it will show all codes regardless of active status.

This new feature has been added to the ATIGD setup maintenance form, the hierarchical lookup popup form in all areas of the application (batch entry, invoice entry, check/deposit entry), the check / deposit detail entry form, along with inventory beginning / ending value and inventory grid entry.

International Date Formats
General changes to the application to support international date formats. Before the changes, an invalid date format error message would be received and the database could not be opened.

Balance Entry

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Loan and Receivable balance entry was changed to show any received, payments, current balance and interest amounts for an external code just like the Credit Analysis report.

Check Writer

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Top Check and Two Vouchers – Error 200 Formula Not Found when Suppressing Memo. This has been fixed.

Top Check and Two Voucher AND Voucher Check Voucher formats had the Enterprise, External Code, and I/E Type fields removed from the voucher and replaced with new fields Wt / Unit and Price / Unit.

Invoicing Changes

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Receive Payment Date Entry
Entry of received date required you to enter the date separator slash. Now, it does not.

Invoice Preference Setup – Forms allow New Date Column Option
New date column available for invoices and credit memos. This column is suppressed by default. To use this new column uncheck the “Hidden – Date” check box. The date column is configurable per form type.

General Entry with New Date Column
With the date column exposed via unchecking the option “Hidden – Date” in invoice preferences, you are required to enter a date during invoice and credit memo entry. This date column will be printed on the invoice or credit memo form.

Receiving an Overpayment and Later Applying the Unapplied Payment as a Credit
When recording an invoice overpayment, it resulted in an out-of-balance deposit being created in the previous versions. Now, the overpayment amount will be recorded against the account receivable ATIG 2065. The system will automatically create an accounts receivable external code if the description “Invoicing Unapplied Payment” does not exist and associate that code with the ATIG.

Later when the “Unapplied Payment” is applied as a credit to a future invoice, the amount will be removed from accounts receivable via ATIG 1065 with the same external code used for the “Invoicing Unapplied Payment”. This would be seen in the Credit Analysis report as a “Payment” or “Received” amount with the balance being zero once the credit is applied.

Payroll Changes

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Employee Setup Changes for the New W-4 Withholding Method for Federal Taxes
A new W-4 Federal Withholding method allows you to choose whether to use Pre-2020 or 2020-Plus method. This will enable or disable the appropriate group box of options. Starting in 2020 the new withhold method does not use tax exemptions.

The new W-4 2020 withholding method allows you to withhold at a higher rate Step 2(c) if you have multiple jobs and want to withhold more tax. Also, if you have dependents, you can enter the amount calculated in the Step 3 Tax Credit field. This amount reduces you Federal withhold amount by dividing the tax credit amount by number of pay period. The Step 4(a) Other Income increases and Step 4(b) Other Deductions decrease the overall annualized taxable income respectability.

Year-End Process
When creating the new calendar year payroll data for employee, sometimes it would not carry forward prior year’s rate of pay and other amounts. This was caused if the payroll defaults already existed for the new payroll calendar year. Now, the process deletes these records and recreates them along with employee amounts.

Extra Tax Withholding without Any Calculated Tax Amount
Creating a small paycheck where the pay amount was not large enough to calculate any withholding tax, the extra tax column amount payroll ATIGD line would not be saved as it was interpreting the line as a zero amount line and would not save that detail line. This issue was introduced in version

Payroll Forms Updated to Current IRS Forms

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Forms 940, 941, 943, and 944 have been updated to the current IRS forms.

New Fiscal Year-End for Advanced Steps

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New option to allow you to use the standard ATIGD codes for the new fiscal year instead of copying the ATIGD codes from the current farm database. This will allow users to reset their ATIGD code to be consistent with codes currently being used at KFMA. The “complete all year-end tasks” will continue to copy ATIGD codes from the current farm database. If the user uses this new option, then it is recommended to complete all steps using the advanced steps to allow the payroll codes to be consistent with ATIGD codes defined for the new fiscal year.

New Fiscal Year-End

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Changing the New Fiscal Year did not change the copy from fiscal year which would result in problems if trying to re-create a fiscal year. The only work around would be to open the prior fiscal year before trying the re-create.

Reduce the window to create the new fiscal year from 30 days prior to the fiscal end date to only 15 days. Also display a warning message if the user is creating the new fiscal year prior to the current fiscal year end date. This only applies to the “Complete ALL Year-End Tasks”.

Balance roll-over for Loan / Receivables changed to only be processed by External Code. This will help obtain the correct balance when an incorrect ATIGD is used for a loan or receivable during the year and is consistent with the Credit Analysis Report. In previous versions, this would have resulted in a negative balance which was not rolled forward and was not included in the balance for the external code. Also, zero balances are now rolled forward to the new fiscal year.

Tax Table Entry for Farm Auto% and Util%

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Do not allow entry of % to be greater than 100%.

Report Updates

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Financial Analysis
Allow the report to be run by data range.

Restore Backup

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The system will automatically include all files to restore on page two of the wizard. In prior versions, you had to place a checkmark in the topmost box of the directory view.


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New unit code 10 added for “Each”.

Update Tax Table

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On failure give the following message:
Some virus scanners and firewalls block the use of the internet. It may require that these be temporarily disabled to allow the download. Follow the instructions from the provider of this software to disable and then re-try the download.

New ATIGD Codes

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With this release, a new ATI code 006 (Non-Farm Business Expenses) was added along with a few more D-codes for existing codes. A few more resale farm codes were added for livestock and Crop Sales. See the list below.

A-Code Notations
A-Code = 0 is Cash; 1 is Accrued; 5 is Inventory; x is all three

New Farm Cash Codes

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New ATIGD New G-Code Description
x617 Resale Bulls
x618 Resale Cows
x717 Resale Bulls
x718 Resale Cows
0313 Prevented Plant
1313 Prevented Plant

New Farm Cash and Accrued D-Codes

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New ATIGD G-Code Description New D-Code Description
03691/13691 Government Payments Livestock Forage Program (LFP)
03692/13692 Government Payments Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP)
03693/13693 Government Payments Dairy Margin Coverage Program
03694/13694 Government Payments Livestock EQIP
03695/13695 Government Payments Ad Hoc Disaster Payment (CFAP)
03696/13696 Government Payments Other Livestock Payment
03697/13697 Government Payments Other Livestock Payment
03698/13698 Government Payments Other Livestock Payment
03699/13699 Government Payments Other Livestock Payment
03641/13641 Government Payments Ad Hoc Disaster Payment (MFP)
03642/13642 Government Payments Ad Hoc Disaster Payment (CFAP)
03643/13643 Government Payments Other Disaster Payment
03644/13644 Government Payments Other Disaster Payment
03645/13645 Government Payments Other Disaster Payment
03646/13646 Government Payments Other Disaster Payment
03647/13647 Government Payments Other Disaster Payment
03648/13648 Government Payments Other Disaster Payment
03649/13649 Government Payments Other Disaster Payment

New ATI 006 for Non-Farm Expenses for G-Codes and D-Codes

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New ATIGD New G-Code Description New D-Code Description
0061 Rent or Lease  
0062 Contract Labor  
0063 Employee Expenses  
0064 Employee Expenses  
00641 Employee Expenses Wages
00642 Employee Expenses Social Security Tax
00643 Employee Expenses Medicare Tax
00644 Employee Expenses Retirement
00645 Employee Expenses Health Insurance
00646 Employee Expenses Life Insurance
00647 Employee Expenses Worker Comp/Unemployment
00648 Employee Expenses State Tax Withheld
00649 Employee Expenses Federal Tax Withheld
0065 Interest  
0066 Repairs and maintenance  
0067 Taxes and Licenses  
0068 Other Expenses  
00681 Other Expenses Legal and Professional Fees
00682 Other Expenses Commissions and Fees
00683 Other Expenses Advertising
00684 Other Expenses Car and Truck Expenses
00685 Other Expenses Office Expense
00686 Other Expenses Supplies
00687 Other Expenses Travel, Meals, Entertainment
00688 Other Expenses Utilities
0069 Purchase/Materials for Resale  

New Non-Farm D-Codes

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New ATIGD New G-Code Description New D-Code Description
01031 Rental/Royalty Taxes Rental Tax
01032 Rental/Royalty Taxes Royalty Tax
00451 Interest – NON-FARM Mortgage Interest
00452 Interest – NON-FARM Student Loan Interest
00453 Interest – NON-FARM Other Deductible Interest
00454 Interest – NON-FARM Other Non-Deductible Interest
00481 SS & NF PROPERTY TAX Real Estate
00482 SS & NF PROPERTY TAX Social Security
00483 SS & NF PROPERTY TAX Intangible Tax

ATIG Code Changes

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ATIG Current G-Code Description New G-Code Description