Release Notes

FarmBooks Release Notes

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Sept 8, 2015

Database Conversion

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This release requires a conversion before the database can be opened.

  • Bank Data Map New Amount Debit / Credit Flag Value Fields

Batch Entry Updates

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Create Bank Data Map
Allow data maps to be created without requiring a check number field. This is necessary for processing data for credit cards. Also, some financial institutions use a debit / credit flag value to determine if the amount is a debit or a credit based on a value indicating a debit or a credit.

Import Bank Transaction
If the length of the import check number exceeds five characters, then use only the rightmost five characters.

Check/Deposit Entry

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Check/Deposit – Moving between grid field for unit entry would not stop at the Price Amount field (last column in the grid) when using the tab key whereas it does when using the enter key. Now, moving to the price amount field using the tab key will stop for entry change.

Detail Register

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Pulling a column into the group box allows you to see the summary of income and expense amounts for that grouping. The group for income / expense was based on the fact that it was a deposit or check which was not always correct as expense ATIG/D codes maybe on a deposit or income ATIG/D codes could be on a check. Now, the ATIG/D code is used to determine if the amount is summarized as an income or an expense for the grouping display.

Paycheck Entry

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Added validation when editing an existing paycheck to determine if the FICA Exempt status saved with the paycheck is the same as defined for the employee. If the FICA status is different, then a message will be displayed to notifying the user that FICA amounts and other withholding should be reviewed for accuracy.

Editing a paycheck header (without pulling the details into the popup window) for a FICA Exempt employee would result in the FICA Exempt status on the paycheck being set to No. This would cause payroll reports to be incorrect. A Data Analysis process was added to inspect for paychecks where the FICA Exempt status does not match the employee data. If it finds this condition, it will automatic correct the flag on the paycheck if possible or tag the paycheck for manual correction.

Export Data

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The export process has a new option to export farm cash transactions for loans and receivables. By default, this will be unchecked so that data will be exported as in the past.

Invoice Customer Entry

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Changed phone edit mask to not require digits so exiting phone numbers can be cleared.

New Reports

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Monthly Invoice Summary by Customer
This report summarizes your invoice activity by month per customer showing both invoiced and paid amounts. The report may be used by operations that do monthly billing to determine if any invoices have been missed. The transaction date range is the invoice date.

Sales Tax Liability Detail Report (Tax Value for Invoicing)
This report shows the sales tax you’ve collected per invoice based on payments received and currently owe to your tax authorities. The report shows your total taxable sales, non-taxable sales, and the amount of sales tax you owe each tax authority in the column called tax collected. If you collect sales tax for more than one tax authority (city, county, state), each one has its own line in the report. The date range is the payment received dates.

It is recommended to use the Sales Tax Liability Summary report to easily determine the tax liability per tax authority for a payment received period.