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Import Bank Transactions

Import Bank Transactions

To actually import your data that you downloaded, you will need to use the Import Bank Transaction Data Wizard. The wizard will guide you though the process of importing your bank or credit card data. You will not be required to do the create data map again unless you are adding additional institutions.

  1. Click on Import: Bank Transactions
    FarmBooks dropdown menu showing Import Bank Transactions option selected
  2. The Create Import Bank Transaction Data Wizard will load. Click Next to begin.
    FarmBooks Import Bank Transaction Data Winzard start screen
  3. The Select Bank Transaction Import Options screen will load.
    FarmBooks Select Bank Transaction Import Options screen

    • Enter a meaningful batch name for the new batch. In our case, we will enter “July Statement”.
    • Select the bank data map name from the dropdown list. Notice that it fills in the defaults for the remaining fields. It will also display the last minimum and maximum date detected in the last batch imported.
    • Press the Finish button to import your data.
  4. The next screen will show the Process Log. The log will show various information about the import process and whether any overlapping dates were detected with the last import. The log file is not saved for viewing in the future.
    FarmBooks Import Bank Transactions Process Log
  5. Press the Done button to continue. The batch will be opened automatically or is refreshed if you are adding additional transaction to an existing batch.