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Year-End Processing

Year-End Processing

From the Year-End menu select “Complete ALL Year-End Tasks”, the user can see the steps and actions necessary to prepare FarmBooks for paycheck entry. The narrative for each step is created after analyzing the farm database.
FarmBooks Complete All Year-End Tasks link

FarmBooks perform year end tasks window showing the 3 steps to be taken
Step 1 to 3 indicates the order in which the processes need to be run. For instance, Step 1 is for New Fiscal Year. If the user has setup their fiscal year as a non-calendar year, then it may not be necessary to run this step in order to continue with the step 2 and 3 for payroll. Payroll is a calendar year activity so it only requires that the new fiscal year exist for the new calendar year. Press the “Finish” button to perform the narratives described for each step.

You may manually run each step by running each wizard answering the questions from the Year-End menu using the Advanced Steps. This will allow you delete the setup data for new fiscal year or payroll data if no transaction data exist for the fiscal year or calendar year respectively.